Affordable custom web sites for artists, solo professionals, and small business

  • communication  -  make information about your business easily available to the public.
  • presence  -  update your professional image by adding your web site to your business card;  make it easy for potential clients to find you.
  • strategy  -  expand your marketing to include the Internet; let clients and customers find you on Web search engines; encourage referrals to your site.

We also offer you friendly, effective marketing and sales guidance with the savvy to move your professional practice or business forward.  We will put our extensive business experience to work for you as we create your site. 

Laura Worth will design and build your site.   She creates and manages web content.  She is also a sales and marketing consultant for professionals, artists and the self-employed; a life and small business coach; and has been an entrepreneur for 25 years in both sole proprietor and corporate start-up capacities.
Laura Worth

Robert Bornn is a multimedia artist and producer who can create custom digital photos, video, and sound to make your site a success.  He's also a copywriter, business coach and mentoring strategist, marketer, a medical device entrepreneur for more than two decades, and a patented health care inventor. 
Robert Bornn


For examples of our work, please visit:


Developing On-line Communities and Web-based, 
Localized  Directories for Health and Wellness Professionals (the on-line community and web-based directory for health and wellness professionals on Vashon Island). 

Also visit our sister sites at

Coming soon:  other developing on-line communities at sister-sites in Puget Sound.


Sue Neell Carlson, MA, PsyA (solo professional based in Seattle)

AntoniaGreene (solo professional based on Vashon and in Seattle)) (Vashon-based drum maker)

The Dirt Yard (a recycling service for concrete, yard waste, soil, etc.)

Books-in-Action (this organization initiated ad hoc fundraising for 
domestic violence advocacy on Vashon)

Vashon Farrier (solo professional)

BuildingCircles Organization (Creating affordable and sustainable, nature-integrated homes for independent living)

LifeSense Institute (Imagine *  Facilitate * Share)

SeaDrift Media Productions (media products by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth)

SeaDrift Memories (customize your family's story in your preferred multimedia format)

DIAJ - Drummers in a Jam (music ensemble, Silicon Valley)

SoundMoments Duo (African-inspired improvisational music - recording and performances)

Vashon Creatively (creativity workshops)

Insculpta Art and Environments (sculptor and mixed media artist)

LifeSense, LLC (medical device company, Silicon Valley)

Worth Coaching Services (business and life coaching; personal organizing)

Vashon Business Services (contract business services for Vashon)

Robert Bornn (entrepreneur)

Laura Worth (entrepreneur)

We look forward to talking with you and learning how to help you succeed.  For details, please contact:

Laura Worth
(206) 463-9283


Robert Bornn
(206) 463-4284

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